Brunswick Surf Shop

Owner: Chris ‘Roy’ Grant

Builder / Retailer

Chris ‘Roy’ Grant grew up on the Gold Coast in the early seventies where his parents lived in and managed the Flamingo Motel on Hanlon Street in Surfers Paradise. Chris’s passion for surfing began over 45 years ago when he got his first board, a 7’2” McCoy, round pin single fin and joined the Manly Pacific Boardriders.

Over the years, Chris surfed much of the Australian coastline, from Agnes Water in central Qld to Apollo Bay in Victoria and Margret River in Western Australia.

Dedicated to the waves, Chris has also experienced the surf abroad, travelling to locations such as the North Island of New Zealand, Indonesia, Lombok, Java, France, England, Wales and Hawaii.

An avid adventurer, Chris was involved in outrigger canoe racing for more than 20 years and competed in both solo and team events across Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Hawaii.

Chris recalls his most notable team event wins were the 2006 Gold Coast Cup, where he came second overall and won the nationals, masters division and the Molokai Hoe in Hawaii, where his team took out the Masters 50’s division title.

In 2014 Chris moved from central Queensland to Brunswick Heads in northern New South Wales. He had decided on a change of lifestyle and so purchased the Brunswick Heads Surf Shop; a decision which ultimately provided a good excuse to catch more waves… After purchasing the business he used the skills acquired from many years in the building industry, to give the shop a full revamp, extending the floor space by another 40sq/m and renovating to create a bright new look and feel for the shop.

Now well established in the area, as the place to go for all your surf clothing, apparel and surf hardware, Chris says he’s very happy with the store’s progress and most importantly the support from the shop’s loyal customers, especially the local surfers and the local community.